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Colombia Sugarcane Decaf
Colombia Sugarcane Decaf
Colombia Sugarcane Decaf

Colombia Sugarcane Decaf

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The only thing missing in this beautiful coffee is the caffeine. This full-bodied, medium roast Colombian is superbly aromatic and smooth. Like all of our coffees, it is 100% Arabica and is the perfect finish to any occasion. Naturally decaffeinated, so you can enjoy all the flavor without the caffeine. 

Cup Profile

Dried fruit sugar and rich milk chocolate are accompanied by notes of fresh berries in this fun, medium bodied coffee. 

About this Coffee

During the 1800's, travelers from Bogota settled in Cundinamarca and planted the first coffee trees in the region. To these settlers, coffee was more than just a crop, it was an opportunity to ward off an era of insecurity and uncertainty. 

Coffee remains an important crop for Cundinamarca. It has improved the socioeconomic condition of the region and employs an immense number of workers. 

This coffee has a complex aroma, with a full body, perfect sweetness, a medium acidity and notes of dried fruit and intense chocolate.

Flavor: Dried fruit sugar, milk chocolate, fresh berries

Body:   Balanced

Aroma: Fruity, Nutty

Acidity: Medium