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Colombia Villa Lara
Colombia Villa Lara
Colombia Villa Lara

Colombia Villa Lara

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This coffee indulges your senses, makes them feel special, even pampered. From the moment you open the bag and the aroma hits you - chocolate, strawberry, and almond - to the moment it hits your taste buds - you'll know you've experienced something exceptional. This Colombia micro-lot is a delight any way it's brewed and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Cup Profile

Sweet and exotic, with notes of chocolate, citrus, and almond. Balanced body and medium acidity. 

About this Coffee

This Colombia Tabi is an exceptional micro-lot coffee from the Trujillo region of Colombia and is sustainably grown by a family with a deep love for coffee and a passion for quality. Tabi is an exotic varietal that is hard to find in Colombia and this one is extraordinary. 

This coffee is processed under more shade to slow down the drying time. This will increase the amount of humidity the beans are exposed to and lead to capture the sweet flavors these coffees are known for.

Colombia Villa Lara has a complex, sweet aroma, with a medium body, high sweetness, a medium to light acidity and notes of fruit and milk chocolate.

Flavor: Melon, Strawberry  Milk Chocolate

Body:   Balanced

Aroma: Fruity, Nutty

Acidity: Medium